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DSS Defense Attorney

Fight DSS for taking away your chance for family photos like this one with the help of Rock Hill, SC DSS Attorney Nathan Sheldon

If you are facing investigation or action by the Department of Social Services (DSS) in South Carolina, you need the assistance of an attorney. Taking the wrong actions could result in your child being taken away or your parental rights being terminated.

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Nathan Sheldon is an experienced family law and criminal defense attorney with a long history of working in DSS law. That is the right combination of experience for this type of legal advice. He understands what actions DSS can take and knows how to defend those accused of child abuse or neglect.

Defending Against DSS Investigations

Hiring a DSS investigations lawyer is an important step in protecting your rights and understanding what is going to happen once you are being investigated by South Carolina DSS’s Child Protection Services. DSS investigations are handled in family court, not criminal court. Court actions in DSS cases are there to protect the health and well being of children. Family court judges look at evidence differently from criminal courts, so DSS does not have to prove that abuse or neglect happened. They only need to convince the judge that there is more evidence it happened than that it did not happen.

How Hiring an Attorney Helps You Fight DSS

Access to Information

Nathan Sheldon will have access to the Department of Social Services case file, which will provide more specifics of what you are accused of doing. Using this information, you can work with him to provide information and other evidence to build a defense.

Advise You

When DSS is involved, there will be paperwork they may want signed. You should not sign anything that you do not understand. Instead, Nathan Sheldon will be able to explain what these documents mean and provide advise on whether to sign them or how to fill them out.

Representation at Hearings

Court hearings are important and need to be taken seriously. To be properly prepared for what will happen at an upcoming court hearing, you need advice from someone who knows what to expect. Nathan Sheldon will use his knowledge and experience to represent your side of the story in family court for probable cause, merits and other hearings.

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Types of DSS Cases

  • Excessive Corporal Punishment
  • Unhealthy Living Conditions
  • Child Neglect
  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse

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