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Adoption Attorney in Rock Hill, South Carolina

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There are many reasons to add a child to your family through adoption. But the process is not quick or simple. The state of South Carolina looks out for the child’s best interests in their new home.

Member of the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys

As a family law attorney, Nathan Sheldon can help you navigate your way through the South Carolina adoption process. In 2015, he was named as one of the Top 10 Family Law Attorney’s under 40 in South Carolina by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys. Nathan Sheldon helps with Adoptions in Rock Hill, SC and surrounding areas.

How an Attorney helps with the SC Adoption Process

Advice for Home Study

The first step in the adoption process is completing a “home study.” This formal review includes paperwork detailing your financial and mental ability to take care of the child. There are also a series of interviews. This process can be overwhelming without the advice of an experienced family attorney to help guide you.

Making Sure Legal Consent and Court Filings are Complete

One of the most important steps in adoption is obtaining written legal consent from the parents of the child you are adopting and having this properly recorded. Advice from an attorney with a full understanding of the consent process will help you obtain the needed documentation and avoid delays or problems later in the process.

Representation at Hearings and Direction through the Entire Process

Adoption in SC can feel overwhelming. The process will feel a lot easier if you have trusted guidance from a knowledgeable attorney. Every step of the way you’ll have someone who can answer your questions about important things. And many questions will come up. You’ll want to understand what is going to happen during a hearing in front of a family court judge. Our goal is to take away as much of the legal burden of the adoption as possible. We want you to be able to focus on preparing for a new addition to your family.

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